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April 19, 2012: Playback by SSQ.

SSQ was an 80s synthpop group from California, led by singer Stacey Swain. SSQ released their debut album, Playback, in 1983. The group then continued on with Swain under the name Stacey Q, achieving success with the singles “Two of Hearts” and “We Connect.” They never released a follow up album, but are reportedly working on new music.

April 2, 2012: Ghost of Love by David Lynch.

Acclaimed filmmaker and musician David Lynch recently released his debut solo album and has been causing a stir with the video for his new single, “Crazy Clown Time,” but my favorite Lynch (musical) release is probably his 2007 single Ghost of Love, which features an equally good b-side, “Imaginary Girl,” that I highly recommend checking out as well. Not familiar with Lynch’s work? For god’s sake, go rent Twin Peaks immediately!

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