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September 21, 2014: Wolf Gets Red Faced by White Fence.

My favorite track off the new White Fence album, For the Recently Found Innocent

August 26, 2013: Hall of Mirrors by VUM.

By now it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of LA noir-pop group VUM, so I’m pretty excited about the new single, “Hall of Mirrors” that was just released today from their upcoming album, Psychotropic Jukebox. If you like this band as much as I do, support their indieogogo campaign and get a limited edition pressing of their new album on vinyl when it comes out. I was lucky enough to snag their first album before it sold out, so, don’t be a fool.

August 23, 2013: Sleeper by Ty Segall.

Someone in the youtube comments on this video put it better than I ever could, “[Ty Segall] puts out records more often than I take out the trash!” Somehow each and every record the prolific San Francisco native churns out maintains a level of quality (and I don’t mean recording quality) that’s put them at the top my “Best of” Lists for the last several years.  Unlike last year’s fantastic Slaughterhouse, his newest output, Sleeper, favors The Beatles and Bolan over Black Sabbath, and I’m happily embracing the change.

August 18, 2013: 1Q84 by Imaad Wasif.

Imaad Wasif is a singer/songwriter/guitarist born in Vancouver, B.C. who now lives in Los Angeles. His music combines elements of dark folk, psych, and experimental. Here’s my new favorite by him, “1Q84,” based on the novel by Haruki Murakami.

May 22, 2013: Face the Music/Space is the Place by Sun Ra Arkestra.

Happy Birthday, Sun Ra! The jazz legend would have celebrated his 99th year on planet earth today, had he not taken off in his spaceship early. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, read a piece I wrote about him for Propeller Magazine here. Here he is performing live on Night Music in 1989, or is it 2029? 


April 23, 2013: Austin Psych Fest Compilation by Sonic Boom.

Normally I hate festivals, but if only I had the cash I’d make an exception for Psych Fest in Austin. Psychedelic rock legend Peter Kember— AKA Sonic Boom — of Spectrum and The Spacemen 3, has made a mixtape highlighting some of his favorites from this year’s lineup. Enjoy.

January 29, 2012: Square Room by Them.

Them was a Northern Irish garage rock band formed in1964. They are most prominently known for their track “Gloria” and launching singer Van Morrison’s musical career. The group was marketed in the United States as part of the British Invasion, and scored two UK hits in 1965 with “Baby, Please Don’t Go” and “Here Comes the Night.” Morrison quit the band in 1966 and went on to become a successful solo artist. He was replaced by singer Kenny McDowell after the band moved to the US, and they recorded their third album, Now and Them, which pretty much abandoned their garage rock roots in favor of a more psychedelic sound. “Square Room” is a 10-minute psych track from that record. 


January 28, 2013: Things We Never Did by Sad Lovers and Giants.

Sad Lovers and Giants are a rock band from Watford, England who formed in 1980.Their sound blends post-punk, atmospheric keyboards and psychedelia. The original lineup produced two studio albums, Epic Garden Music in 1982 and Feeding the Flame the following year before splitting in 1983.During this initial period they recorded a John Peel Session for the BBC, and a live concert for the Dutch Radio Hilversum station, which was subsequently released as the album Total Sound in 1986. “Things We Never Did” was recorded during that 1983 concert.

Song of the Day Anniversary! 

January 13, 2012: Song of the Day, Year One Mix.

It’s the one year anniversary of my Song of the Day blog! To celebrate, I’ve created a mix of some of the best tracks I shared in 2012. Here’s to another year of the best songs you’ve (maybe) never heard. Enjoy!


December 3, 2012: Golden Earring by Gandalf.

I’m having a hard time believing I’ve never posted this one before, but my archives say it’s true. Well, lucky you! This is one of my faves.

Gandalf was a psychedelic rock band formed in New York in 1965. They were originally named the Rahgoos, but when they signed to Capitol in 1967 the label made them change their name to Gandalf. The released their only record in 1969, which included mostly covers as well as two original compositions. However, when Capitol released it the wrong record was inside the sleeve. The copies were recalled and damaged the band’s career. Capitol didn’t promote the record which made the sales worse. Over the years the album’s reputation grew and it was re-released by Sundazed records in 2002. “Golden Earrings is a cover of a Young/Evans/Livingston composition for a 1947 film of the same name. 

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